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“1 Thing” follows up Sophie’s debut single “Lonely Army”, which tackles the feeling of widespread loneliness that so many of us experienced during 2020’s seemingly endless lockdown, featuring powerful vocals that seem much more mature than Powers’ mere 16 years old. The first thing the listener notices is how strong her voice sounds against a single electric guitar riff. “Can you hear the feelings of the lonely?” she sings, describing a world that feels hopeless and stifling. Family is demanding and friends are unreliable.

At just 16 years old, Sophie Powers is the bold voice of a new generation. She understands the unique pressures of modern girlhood and uses her experience to write unfiltered, devil-may-care anthems about the ups and downs of being yourself. One minute she’s confident and cool, with the sneering attitude of a punk rock frontwoman, and the next she’s vulnerable and raw, channeling the loneliness of contemporary life in a stirring ballad.

In the midst of quarantine, she decamped to Los Angeles, living away from her parents for the first time in her life with a group of musicians. “In Toronto, I had my parents and friends constantly giving input and telling me what they think about my life. But in L.A. I was left alone with my thoughts. It got quiet.”

In that quiet, she understood her real goal: to express herself honestly. “Music was my outlet during some really dark times,” Powers says. “If I can be that outlet and help other kids navigate what I went through, that’s all I want as an artist.”

Combining the crunchy sound of punk with today’s hip-hop and pop, Sophie Powers is the unfiltered and uncompromising voice of a new generation.

“Sometimes you just need 1 thing or person to get through everything else,” Powers shares on today’s release. “As someone with mental health struggles, my mom was that 1 person and music was that 1 thing for me. The song has a fast-paced rhythm and is meant to portray melodically, and lyrically how I feel during a panic/anxiety attack. It’s not until the chorus when my mom or my favorite playlist is there, that I feel comfortable. That 1 real thing is really all I, and I’m sure many kids my age need in a time where things like social media, friendships, the internet and more is unreal.”

On teaming up with the young songwriter, Quinn shares "I had a blast writing with Sophie Powers I think she’s an amazing talent a powerhouse! I hope you enjoy the song we did together!”

Sophie Powers single “1 Thing”, is available to stream today via Set Records, here:


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