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The Pits Group

THE PITS Tristan - Drums Josh - Bass Mitch - Guitar Boden - Vox/Guitar THE BR(ASSES) Matt - Trumpet Boyd - Trombone


If bands were Pokémon, THE PITS would be Ditto. Ya, I don't know how to start this one up, so I went there. The diversity in this Aussie band is pretty crazy, and their potential is practically limitless. (hence, Ditto.) With a straight 3-4 piece band at it's core, THE PITS lounge and ska style diversity comes from it's trombone and trumpet horn line. While not ending there, the band's live performances can be heard with backtracking orchestral parts which in my own experience always gives a super sick "wall of sound" feel to the right setting. All that diversity in a video below.


The sextet (real word) has a new single called KILLERS, which defines the band's sound, vibe and intensity. The video itself is a real "haunted house" feel, perhaps a nod to The Shining and sounds like something Jack would've used that axe on his family with. It also makes me realize that moving dolls are still creepy as fuck, and every time I exterminate bugs from now on I'll be whistling this song.


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