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Tom Delonge Announces Return to blink-182

paradise lost
the used

Tom Delonge, best known as the guitarist and frontman for Angels and Airwaves and Boxcar Racer as well as former frontman to blink-182 has announced his return to Blink-182.

I’ve had a lot of talks with the guys lately and it just feels right to return”. Delonge says. ”We will also be performing as a four piece. I think that the songs blink did with Matt (Skiba) during my absence were some of the raddest of the band’s career. It just wouldn’t be fair to kick him to the curb after all of his dedication to blink.”

The band plans to meet up with producer John Feldmann next month for plans on the band’s new album appropriately titled ”New Beginnings”. Feldmann was producer on blink-182’s album NINE which dropped in 2019.

There’s nothing more on this story at this time because, HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY…



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