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Travis Bark Teams Up with Liquid Death to Release "Enema of the State" enema kit


What could've gone on a month ago as an awesome April Fools prank went off in classic blink-182 fashion as the real thing as Travis Barker of blink-182 teamed up with Liquid Death Water to release an enema kit inspired by the band's 1999 breakthrough album "Enema of the State."

For the price of $182.00 fans can own the Enema collection along with a can of Liquid Death signed by Travis Barker. It seems as though since the advertisement was posted less than 24 hours ago, the Enema kit is already sold out. Hopefully, for the diehard fans there will be another release of this collaboration, but in the meantime check out the hilarious ad featuring Travis himself below!

”Enema of the State is a limited edition collectible adult art piece and not intended for use as a real medical device. Enema of the State should never be placed in or near your butthole without consulting a doctor first. Also, you should not place it in or near your friend’s butthole without consulting them or their doctor first either.”

blink-182 recently rocked out two weekends in a row at Coachella and are now set to take on their 2023/2024 World Tour featuring Turnstile, Rise Against, The Story So Far, Wallows and more this May. A full list of tour dates are below!






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