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Marcus Forsgren - Guitar Peter Rudolfsen - Drums Anders Voldrønning - Vocals


The original U-FOES is a super-villain team published by Marvel Comics consisting of four members Vapor, X-Ray, Vector, and Ironclad who usually went after The Hulk.

The Norwegian thrash punk trio U-FOES that started in 2009, are just as sinister, hard-hitting and reckless as the Marvel villain quartet. It's taken nearly a decade but the band has released their first full length album entitled WHITEOUT, a solid homage to sludge punk bands like The Melvins meets the hard-hitting heavy guitars of metal bands like Slayer.

Opening track ICE QUEEN starts the record off in a docile, thick heavy tone that almost feels like an army marching in your head with lyrics finally kicking in around 2:30 minutes amping you up for the following tune and debut single/music video from WHITEOUT, NO MORE NO MORE.


BLESSED ARE THE DEAF has the same tone as opening track ICE QUEEN with a thick and heavy, muddy sound while the following 2 tracks MASSIVE STAR, and THE GETAWAY, have a much faster pace with hardcore punk beats backing them closely resembling influential band the Melvins.

LIES REFINED A THOUSAND TIMES has a breakdown, electronic feel throughout it while IDENTITY LOST has a much more rooted punk feel to the tune. Closing track THE NEVER ENDING END exits how the album entered with a heavy drone sections as if grunge and thrash punk settled down and had a kid together.


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