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Lil Wayne Walks Off Stage, Quits blink-182 Tour (VIDEO)

Mark Hoppus

Less than a week after Lil' Wayne's tour bus broke down in Pittsburgh, PA causing blink-182 to switch sets with the rapper, and an announcement earlier this week stating that Lil' Wayne would not be joining blink-182 and Neck Deep on their Columbus, OH date on September 22nd, the tour is now in for more disastrous news with the apparent complete departure from Lil' Wayne on the remainder of the tour.


The tour seemed to be skeptical and doubted by fans from the beginning with the odd parring of the two Titanic groups coming from different genres in the music world, though the same odd parring has worked in the past with Fall Out Boy touring with Wiz Khalifa and blink-182 themselves touring with Cyprus Hill.

Lil' Wayne abruptly walked off-stage tonight in Bristow, Virginia stating that "it wasn't "his" crowd and it might be his last show of the tour" after only performing a handful of songs which clocked in around a 20-minute set. You can check out the video of him saying this below!

Fans soon after took to social media also revealing that blink-182 kept the show going by starting their set early. With a day off on tour tomorrow, only time will tell if the rumors are right or now when the tour resumes in Bangor, ME at Darling's Waterfront Pavilion on Saturday July 13th.


Things being said about the night so far:

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