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keep flying
keep flying artie

ICE NINE KILLS recently shared their brand-new chilling single "Your Number's Up". The track, a tribute to Wes Craven's classic 1996 self-referential slasher Scream, will be included as one of many bonus features on their upcoming deluxe release THE SILVER SCREAM: FINAL CUT due out just in time for Halloween on October 25 via FEARLESS RECORDS.

"The bloody mark that Wes Craven's SCREAM left on the horror genre cannot be overstated," shares vocalist and horror aficionado SPENCER CHARNAS. "I saw the movie in theaters when I was 11, but I can remember the experience as if it were yesterday. Although I had already been a big fan of slashers, this was the first time I had ever seen one on the big screen. I was hooked from the opening sequence and watched in awe at the devilishly sharp self-referential dialogue that cut through the screen like a knife. The film single handedly revitalized the slasher/horror movie craze in '90s, and it will forever remain a crucial figure in the genre. The time has come for us to give my favorite film the INK-horror treatment it deserves, and I couldn't be more excited for the world to experience 'Your Number's Up.'"

THE SILVER SCREAM: FINAL CUT is now available for pre-order and will also include the Billboard Active Rock-charting critically acclaimed album's groundbreaking original 13 tracks in addition to four haunting acoustic renditions of previously released cuts and a cover of the iconic hit song "Thriller." Notable figures in the horror and metal community alike will be seen featured as guests including Grammy-nominated musician Matt Heafy (Trivium), horror icon Ari Lehman (the original Jason, Friday the 13th), Chelsea Talmadge (Stranger Things) and Sam Kubrick (grandson of Stanley Kubrick who famously directed The Shining).

In addition to the CD, THE SILVER SCREAM: FINAL CUT will include a DVD of the full-length feature horror film, THE SILVER SCREAM, ICE NINE KILLS created with director Daniel Hourihan (Manchester By The Sea, In Your Eyes) that injects their own narrative into the movies the tracks on THE SILVER SCREAM pay homage to.

ICE NINE KILLS recently wrapped up their headlining "Silver Scream" world tour with a an almost completely sold-out stretch across the UK and mainland Europe. The band will next be seen headlining across the U.S. on the SIRIUSXM Octane Presents "The Octane Accelerators Tour" from October 29 to December 1 with special guests Fit For A King, Light The Torch, Make Them Suffer and Awake At Last. ICE NINE KILLS will also perform a special recorded acoustic show on Monday, November 4 in Estes Park, CO at the infamous Stanley Hotel, the source of inspiration for Stephen King's bestselling novel The Shining.

Check out ICE NINE KILLS latest single Your Number's Up as well as tour dates and orders for THE SILVER SCREAM: FINAL CUT below!