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First Day of Kindergarten

Time. It flew by that quickly. Five years and she's off at the exact same school where I began all too many years ago. Eighteen years ago had you asked if I would be in this situation, I would be telling you, you're an idiot.

I'm not saying that younger, angstier me never wanted kids, it's just that my younger angstier self had more important things in mind like blowing shit up or shooting paintball guns at mailboxes out of the passenger window going 65mph, you know, things that made a difference.

I don't cry often. I didn't today when my little punk princess left for kindergarten with a My Little Pony backpack and a Five Nights at Freddy's lunchbox. (Ya, teachers are going to think WTF, Princess on the outside, demon spawn chocolate coat in the center.)

I think that I don't cry because I still hold my teenage angst, a little bit of my childishness.

So for any parent having difficulty letting go, just hold onto a moment from your own years in school. Mine is my punkiness, my angst, the music I played and the stupid shit I did with my friends.

If that doesn't work, think of it this way, it'll give you a lot of spare time to make another baby, or get shit done around the house.


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