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My Most Anticipated Albums of 2018


With 2017 over, this unfamiliar new year hangs over us all. Although we may have paths and goals set, who knows where the year will actually take us with the unpredictability of life. One thing is for certain in 2018, music will get made, bands will tour, and fans will get a glimpse into the twists and turns, bumps and bends that allows these bands constantly grow and develop as artists.

Fall Out Boy - MANIA Jan. 19th

Regardless of your opinion about FOB, they have a staple in the pop-punk community. Their sound may have went to pop driven, but the attitude is still there laced with a solid punk rock backbone. In late 2017 the band gave us all a glimpse into what their new album MANIA is all about.


The Dangerous Summer - Self Titled Jan. 29th

July of 2017 the band's Twitter page was wiped clean with all photos changed to pictures of static. On July, 8th the band uploaded a video that read HELLO. Shortly following were rumors and videos hinting towards a new album for the band until October 19th when rumors were confirmed that they would release a new record in January of 2018.


Reggie And The Full Effect - 41 Feb. 23rd

James Dewees "Reggie", keyboardist behind the band The Get Up Kids brings different personas of himself as "special guests" to Reggie while over the years collaborating with members of MCR, Slipknot and From Autumn to Ashes in Reggie. The song Karate School off of the newest album "41" is described by James as: "...about a young boy in rural England whose parents were killed in an accident where they were playing around with dark magic. The boy is forced to live with his relatives and then he gets an invitation to dark magic school. He irresponsibly decides to go to dark magic school. Where he meets some other unfortunate kids. And they all take karate. And some ducks show up.”


Owl City - Cinematics June 1st

Adam Young punched through the light at the end of the tunnel for every DIY bedroom musician back in mid 2000's. Starting out with recording in his parents basement in between shifts at the Coca Cola plant, he skyrocketed the billboard charts with 2008's "Fireflies" off of Ocean Eyes which hit #1 in over 20 countries. His success has allowed him to collaborate with artists from Hanson to blink-182's Mark Hoppus. If the new album Cinematic is anything like Owl City's previous, then get pumped for pop synth, catchy choruses and collaborations galore.


Mayday Parade - TBA

We haven't heard new music from Mayday Parade since 2015's Black Lines. The band has said numerously since 2016 that a new album is in the works, so let's hope 2018 is that year. The band did release a 10yr. anniversary edition of A Lesson In Romantics was released in January 2017 which featured 6 demo recordings of the album's songs on top of remastered tracks.


MxPx - TBA

If you listen to punk music, you'll at some point or another stumble across MxPx. The band has poured out 9 studio albums, and a seamlessly never ending catalog of EPs, 2 cover albums, a live album, a Christmas album and a plethora of rarities and singles . The band dropped a couple of new songs including 2016's "They" based around the current political situations in the world. A new record is in the works, as stated on the homepage of MxPx's website as well as discussed on a November 2017 podcast on where Mike and drummer Yuri Ruley discuss the record a little more in depth.


The Offspring - TBA

It's been 5 years since we've heard new anything new from The Offspring. When asked about a follow-up to 2012's "Day's Gone By" Dexter (guitar/vox) and Noodles (guitar/vox) said that they're "working on it" and "have been for a while". Dexter also went on record to say "2018 for sure" after prompted on a possible release date. Although the band has said that they "have a few songs done already" only time will tell when we'll hear them.


NOFX - Cokie The Clown

Fat Mike's alter ego "Cokie The Clown" got his own EP back in 2009 after NOFX's full length LP "Coaster". Fat Mike went on tour dressed as "Cokie" wreaking havoc wherever he went. At the latter end of 2017 Instagram and Twitter posts and photos started coming out of blink-182's Travis Barker stating that he would be doing drums on a new Cokie The Clown record with Fat Mike. Will Fat Mike have more collaborations on the record? Another photo of Goldfinger's John Feldmann alongside Travis and Mike hint towards this. Where is the direction of this album going to go? Time will tell.


The Distillers - TBA

I couldn’t believe it when I heard that The Distillers were getting back together. In January 2018 Brody Dalle shared a teaser video on The Distillers Instagram page following a newly opened Twitter account. It seems that The Distillers line-up will be the classic 2005 line up of the band since the only accounts that The Distillers are following on Twitter are former band members: Brody Dalle (vox/guitar). Andy Granelli (drums). Tony Bevilacqua (guitar/vox) and Ryan Sinn (bass/vox). They announced that their first show back in over 13 years would be at the Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta GA in May of 2018. Will they have some new tunes by then? We can only wait and see...


Real Friends - TBA

On the last day of 2017 the band wrote a tweet inciting work on a new album. "We're fling to Los Angeles tomorrow to record our third full length album. 2018 is going to be sick." In November the band released a new song "Get By" which was the first new material since 2016's LP "The Home Inside My Head". Check out that song below!


The Wonder Years - TBA

We haven't heard new material from The Wonder Years since 2015's "No Closer to Heaven" album. Dan "Soupy" Campbell (lead vox) has kept himself occupied with his side project "Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties" dishing out 3 albums from his alter ego since 2014. In September 2017 the guys dismantled a bunch of their best songs and turned them into acoustic tunes with September 2017's "Burst & Decay (An Acoustic EP)". A few months later in December the band made a Facebook & Twitter post about a new album stating:

"Turning the lights out for a bit. New record next year. If you want to be kept informed go here: For now, we rest."


I know that there are a ton of albums that I left out, these were just some of the ones that came to mind and that I'm personally super stoked for. There are a bunch of bands that haven't announced anything yet as well, and I'm excited to see who it is and what they have in store.

If you liked this post check out My Favorite Albums of 2017 blog where I discussed some of my favorite punk and pop-punk albums of 2017.

- What albums are you stoked for in 2018?

- What concerts are you hoping to go to in the new year?

- Thoughts on The Distillers regrouping?

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