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blink-182 Announces New Funko Pops This August Featuring Tom Delonge!

blink 182 nine

It seems that legendary pop-punk band blink-182 are teaming up once again with FUNKO POPS to drop another series of toys. August 1st, 2022!

The band announced today on their social media that they would be dropping a new series of FUNKO POPS toys in celebration of their 30 years as a band together. It was speculated early on as to which members would be featured since Scott Reynor has long since been replaced by Travis Barker and Tom Delonge has been in and out of the band being replaced by Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio.

However, as it seems the toys will feature Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker, and Tom Delonge who previously has never had a blink Funko made of himself. Both Mark and Travis, current members of blink-182 shared the announcement on their Instagram with Tom Delonge following on Instagram a few hours later confirming that he will be one of the three.

The band dropped a previous Funko Pop series back in 2018 which only featured Hoppus and Barker with Tom dropping his own Poet Anderson Funkos through his other band Angels and Airwaves and his project To The Stars Academy.

The headline on the official blink-182 Instagram reads "Just 3 Nude Dudes" which only leaves us to speculate that the Funko Toys will depict the band from their 1999 breakthrough single "What's My Age Again?" which depicted the band running through the streets naked and playing their instruments completely nude as well.

It's not yet mentioned whether Matt Skiba will have his own blink-182 Funko Toy or not, and the future of Matt Skiba is already hanging in the realm of speculation with the recent news that he's unsure if he's still in the band as well. READ THAT ARTICLE HERE!

In the meantime, check out more info on blink-182 below, save the date of August 1st, 2022 for their new Funko Pops and enjoy having a throwback by checking out What's My Age Again? below!


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