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gods of mount olympus album

Ben Katzman

Tim Kmet Gracie Jackson

quarter life crisis album cover

From the album title alone, DeGreaser's forthcoming album release QUARTER LIFE CRISIS hits home for me personally.

With influences all over the rock realm from Ace Frehley and Van Halen to Andrew WK, lead singer/guitarist Ben Katzman's project brings forth garage and punk rock meets heavy metal anthems.

Created with the assistance of various personnel, Quarter Life Criss tells the nonsensical journeys through ones "twenty-some-years" with titles giving you exactly what it says: "Too Old for Retail", "Cool Points Don't Pay the Rent, and so-forth.

The debut single from Qurter Life Crisis, is a nearly 2 minute hard rock anthem entitled Chill Position. With all of the rock/garage punk rock influences mentioned, it's no surprise that the tune to me sounds like a cross between The Melvins and Judas Priest.

With heavy hi-hat "4 on the floor" drum beats, brooding power chords all topped with group gang vocals of the track, it's a killer jam. But don't take my word for it. LISTEN BELOW!


DeGreaser's QUARTER LIFE CRISIS out everywhere October 12, 2018


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