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Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade drops solo cover album

sanders ep

Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade released a brand new solo EP entitled "My Rock And Roll Heart" consisting of stripped down, throwback pop-punk cover songs.

Stemming back to 2017 as a Valentine's Day gift for Sanders' wife, he recorded the song “But Lauren,” originally performed by Tallahassee local band Goodbye Love who him and his wife, Lauren grew up listening to as teens. From there, that got the ball rolling on the EP as Sanders took a look back through his adolescent catalog of favorite bands, deciding on which to choose for his solo venture.

Sanders went on about the album, “All of the songs on the EP are ones I was listening to in high school, so the recording process was very nostalgic for me...I looked for songs from that time in my life to round out the EP.”

IThe diversity on this record is pretty incredible stemming from all edges of the early pop punk and emo world with covers from Jimmy Eat World, Saves The Day, The Juliana Theory and Something Corporate.

You can check out his rendition of "But Lauren" by Goodbye Love below.

EP Track Listing:

  1. But Lauren - Originally by Goodbye Love

  2. Rocks Tonic Juice Magic - Originally by Saves The Day

  3. A Praise Chorus - Originally by Jimmy Eat World

  4. Punk Rock Princess - Originally by Something Corporate

  5. August In Bethany - Originally by The Juliana Theory




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