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GOGOL BORDELLO announces Super Taranta! 15 Year Anniversary!


Gypsy punk band GOGOL BORDELLO will be commemorating the 15th anniversary of their admired album SUPER TARANTA! with a special limited edition vinyl repress. The limited edition double LP set pays homage to Ukraine with its blue and yellow color scheme. In addition, it includes brand new gatefold artwork, all new tracklist sequence handpicked by frontman Eugene Hutz, two previously unreleased tracks as well as a commemorative poster.

“Psyched for this record to get loud again,” vows Eugene Hutz. “Many faves that drive Gogol shows come from it, from the ‘Wonderlust King’ era, you feel me? Previously unreleased jams will paint a full picture of the manic levels of that time. Thanks and much respect to the SideOneDummy team and producer Victor Van Vught tracking those down! We had a blast making it.”

Since 1999, Gogol Bordello has consistently riled up audiences with an inimitable patchwork of raucous punk and Eastern European Gypsy-swing. Since then, these sonic insurgents have been on the verge of infiltrating the mainstream, remaining undeniably embedded within the zeitgeist. A multicultural band that combines Eastern, Western and also Latin traditions, they’re the rare force who could light up stages alongside System of a Down and Primus, go on Vans Warped Tour alongside Rancid and Dropkick Murphys, duet with Regina Spektor, cut an album with Rick Rubin or Steve Albini, or appear in art house films such as Liev Schreiber’s Everything Is Illuminated with Elijah Wood or Filth and Wisdom helmed by Madonna. Gogol Bordello is also the subject of several documentaries, including Gogol Bordello Non-Stop, The Pied Piper of Hutzovina, and a new one in the making.

Preorders have already kicked off via SideOneDummy Records. Also, limited quantities will be available at independent record stores on December 1st. Secure your copy today via SideOneDummy's webstore.



01. Wonderlust King

02. Zina-Marina

03. My Strange Uncles From Abroad

04. Supertheory of Supereverything

05. Harem in Tuscany (Taranta)

06. Dub The Frequencies of Love

07. Tribal Connection

08. Forces of Victory

09. Alcohol

10. Suddenly... (I Miss Carpaty)

11. Ultimate

12. Your Country

13. American Wedding

14. Super Taranta!

15. God of Sameness (Previously Unreleased)

16. Stivali e Colbacco (Previously Unreleased)


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