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Hell Aerage GROUP

Izzy - Vocals/Guitar Aidan - Guitar/Vocals Amy - Bass Joe - Drums


Pop punk quartet from Perth, Australia have been teasing their fans with snippets leading up to the release of new music COLD DAY IN HELL which will available June, 1st. You can check out said snipped right HERE.


I had an opportunity to listen to COLD DAY IN HELL in its entirety The lady leading quartet has a totally genuine and authentic sound with hints to their influences tucked away in their writing style. Having the opportunity to listen to COLD DAY IN HELL in its entirety was definitely a jam.

With influences ranging from Green Day to Twenty One Pilots on the pop punk scale, it shows in their music & writing. The Aussie pop punks reminds me of "Days of the Phoenix" AFI (minus Davey Havok's screaming parts) combined with The Academy Is...circa 2006.

Hell Average - A Cold Day In Hell out June 1st, 2018.

Cold Day In Hell SINGLE

You can check out more of HELL AVERAGE at ANY of the links below:


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