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Mike Dirnt of Green Day starts new venture in cannabis


Mike Dirnt, better known as co-founder and bassist of legendary punk rock trio Green Day recently found a new light with his venture into the cannabis industry.

Dirnt plays role as not only investor, advertiser but brand ambassador for the California cannabis farm Goldenseed stems from a dark time in his wife, Brittney recetnly battled with breast cancer and how cannabis gave him a first hand look on how it could be used medicinally.

“I got involved with Goldenseed on an invitation to look at the farm with a friend of mine, and after having made a few trips to check out their beautiful locations, I asked my wife if she was OK with us investing,” Dirnt begins. “She was absolutely all for it because cannabis was a tremendous help during her chemotherapy treatments when she was battling breast cancer. To this day, it helps with her body aches and pains and the residual effects of a lot of drugs that went into her system.” Dirnt’s journey into the cannabis world is a lengthy one that starts with his family and the differences he noticed between their personalities while consuming alcohol as opposed to smoking cannabis.“Both of my parents and their friends smoked pot,” he says. “When they were drunk, they fought, but when they [smoked] cannabis, they laughed. That much was clear.”

- “I think people find themselves in a health situation where they’re looking for something, and they haven’t found what they need from big pharma or conventional medicines that are filled with bad side effects,” he opines. “Also, I believe if people are looking to cannabis as organic medicine, it should be grown the way nature intended."

- “The way Goldenseed uses natural and sustainable farming practices speaks volumes about who we are as a company and the quality of what’s coming out,” he continues. “We didn’t win the High Times Northern California Preroll Cannabis Cup for nothing. The proof is in the plants, and the plants have spoken.”

The future of cannabis certainly has a lot of promise, with more than half of the states in the U.S. legalizing medicinal use of cannabis and a growing number achieving recreational legalization. Yet, there are still several issues to tackle. Dirnt says having access to cannabis remains a problem he wants to see improved. “I’d like to see the cannabis industry move toward more accessibility,” he says. “I’d like to see it go to a place where the world can once again realize the many uses and full potential of the cannabis plant.”

Dirnt has been contributing to Goldenseed since 2018. People interested in investing can join the action for just $100, and the company is currently selling up to $10 million of common stock at $10 per share.


In the meantime, Mike and the rest of Green Day are getting amped up for their summer stadium tour with Fall Out Boy, Weezer and The Interrupters known as the HELLA MEGA TOUR as well as an upcoming album due out in 2020 entitled "FATHER OF ALL."


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