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UK Pop Punks NEXT YEAR sign with Standby Records


James Brown - Guitar/Vocals

George Fall - Guitar/Vocals

Jake Gutteridge - Bass

Alex Hurd - Drums


UK pop-punk quartet Next Year has signed with Standby Records which plans to release the band's new EP 'Waterfalls' on August 30th.

The 4-piece hails from Leicester, UK and formed in October 2017. Since then, they have released their DIY debut EP 'Resolutions,' played over 100 shows across the UK, including 2 tours, festivals and supported artists such as Merge, Skarlett Riot Fahran, The Soapgirls, TrueHeights, Rare Americans and more.

The band also recently released their first single from said record entitled: "Dopamine". The band says, "We feel our new single Dopamine is where we've really found our sound. It merges our mixed influences, has riffs, solid drumming, catchy vocal melodies and harmonies." To which I must 100% agree. It feels like the band has really found their ground with this latest single, here's hoping that this carries over for the rest of their EP.

You can check out NEXT YEAR's latest single DOPAMINE below!

next year

'Waterfalls' Track Listing: