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NEW FOUND GLORY - 'Forever + Ever x Infinity' ALBUM REVIEW


Chad Gilbert

Jordan Pundik

Cyrus Bolooki

Ian Grushka


This past week, New Found Glory released their monumental tenth full-length studio album "Forever + Ever x Infinity"

"This is the record our fans have been waiting for us to make," guitarist Chad Gilbert shares, "The old now feels new and fresh. It was a blast finding ourselves again."

Growing up in the early 2000's since this band's inception, I've always had sort of a predisposition on what New Found Glory was. Poppy, catchy, and timeless. With each of the band's so-far 10 full length album career, NFG still blows me away with their ability to reinvent the wheel in a genre that I hold so dear.

Forever + Ever x Infinity takes the best qualities of New Found Glory over their history of a band and packs them together in this 15-track album. With the first opening songs, Shook By Your Shaved Head and 'G.O.A.T' you get a bit of aggressive nostalgia reminiscent of songs off of their 2004 album Catalyst with the in-your-face aggressive attitude of the songs, fast-paced hardcore beats and nearly chanting vocals.

Songs like Stay Awhile and Double Chin for the Win, Nothing to Say and Birthday Song But Not Really are a test the band's goofy nature being reminiscent of the early Sticks and Stones days with upbeat, poppy/punchy beats, straight forward chord structure and sing-a-long-able lyrics.

Songs like Himalaya, Trophy, Slipping Away and More and More have the same sonic esthetic energy as their 2015 Resurrection album that showed a much more raw, stripped down version of the band with this mature heaviness that I believe only New Found Glory could pull off.

Forever + Ever x Infinity is a solid album for any NFG fan old or new and someone just getting into the band can identify with any one of these songs and relate it back to a previous album. It's definitely up in the top 5 of my favorite New Found Glory albums to come out and keeps growing on me with each play through.

But hey, don't take my word for it. Listen to it yourself!