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NOFX Releases New Music Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak.


More than likely you're under self-quarantine due to the coronavirus epidemic that has fell upon planet Earth.

Most, if not all clubs, venues, bars, restaurants, and concert halls have shut down in major cities due to the outbreak and have caused many musicians, artists, and sports athletes to put everything to a screeching halt.

Fat Mike of NOFX decided to combat this by releasing brand new NOFX music earlier than scheduled with a message to fans via social media earlier this week.

Fat Mike went on to say: "Hi, Fat Mike here, alone and isolated, standing in this, next to a tree. I realized today that I have a ton of new NOFX songs and videos from our new album which won't be out til' sometime this summer. But since everyone's like stuck at home, and bored, I'm just going to release a bunch of songs now so people can enjoy them before we're all dead. So, here's some new songs from NOFX and some videos. Hope you enjoy them."

Fat Mike and the rest of NOFX promise to dish out new songs and music videos within the next two weeks. Here's the first taste at some new music below with I Love You More Than I Hate Me!



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