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PUNCHLINE Releases New Song "Just Stay Home"


With the entire world basically on lockdown many artists, musicians and creators are showing the world that amidst all of the isolation that art can still shine through which is exactly what Pittsburgh-based pop-punk band Punchline has done.

The band dropped a new single entitled "Just Stay Home" which is sort of a PSA to do just that inspired by the current COVID-19 outbreak going on throughout the world.

Punchline had this to say about the single, and what's going on right now:

"This strange window in time gave us a creative window to bring this song to life. Some songs take years to write and some come out in nearly real time. “Just Stay Home" was the latter. STAY HOME PEOPLE This feels like 9/11 if someone told us that 9/11 was happening but not for 2 weeks meaning there’s a chance we could save thousands of lives by not leaving the house. It’s a lot to process. Mentally, it’s been a tough few weeks. It hasn’t hit as hard here yet in Pittsburgh, but following what’s going on in New York and Italy and in so many cities - it’s crushing. We hope this song gives you the feeling of hope and love. We’re thinking about yinz. We always talk in our band about how, in times of grief and confusion, we’re thankful to be obsessed with music, which gives us the luxury to open a recording session and get lost in recording a song. It’s wondrous thinking about all the books you’re writing, the meals you’re whippin’ up, the nintendo points you’re scoring, the miles of timelines you’re scrolling lol - it’s ok. We’re all doing it (Is it okay though??)"

Punchline is also putting together a collaborative collage video for the song submitted by fans which will be out soon! You can check out JUST STAY HOME below.








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