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SEVENDUST releases new single BLOOD FROM A STONE


COn the heels of the current single “The Day I Tried To Live” moving up the radio charts (currently #16 on Mediabase Active Rock chart), heavy metal legends Sevendust are releasing the first original song from their upcoming album Blood & Stone. “Blood From A Stone” is quintessential Sevendust filled with driving riffs from guitarists Clint Lowery and John Connolly, pulsating rhythms from bassist Vince Hornsby and drummer Morgan Rose, and captivating vocals delivered as only Lajon Witherspoon can.

A lyric video for the song was created by Wayne Joyner (known for his work with Dream Theater) who also did the video for “The Day I Tried To Live.”

“Blood From A Stone was inspired by the endurance and threshold of our band, the wins and the losses, the good and bad years. That we have more to give, more to say and we pull that out of each other,” explains Clint Lowery.


Blood & Stone

  1. Dying To Live

  2. Love

  3. Blood From A Stone

  4. Feel Like Going On

  5. What You’ve Become

  6. Kill Me

  7. Nothing Left To See Here Anymore

  8. Desperation

  9. Criminal

  10. Against The World

  11. Alone

  12. Wish You Well

  13. The Day I Tried To Live

You can check out Sevendust's latest single BLOOD FROM A STONE below!



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