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SINK OR SWIM - "Ridin Solo" Jason Derulo Cover SINGLE REVIEW

Sink or Swim Derulo

Marc Signer - Vocals Max Welti - Guitar/Vocals Ryan Baumann - Bass Gino Andereggen - Drums


Since late 2016, the Swiss quartet SINK OR SWIM has been blending the sweet upbeat sounds of pop-punk with the brutal breakdowns of metalcore while dashing in the nostalgic taste of 8-bit synths. Looking to set a positive message by taking negative topics and changing the point of view, the guys debuted "The Next Chapter" early 2017. Next dropping their 2nd single "Replay" followed up by their entire EP later that September, "How To: Level Up".

Sink or Swim Group

After signing with Growing Roots Agency, the guys went on their first multi-country tour later that December including Germany, Sweden & Belgium. 2018 thus far has been promising for the easy-core band, already writing for a new album and dropping an awesome pop-punk cover of Jason Derulo's "Ridin' Solo."

How To: Level Up shows the band for who they are; Raw. Emotional. Angsty. Pop-punk/easy-core at its best. I've said it before in the past, and I'll say it again, I'm a huge fucking sucker for synth and vocal harmony and they nail it. Their second single "Replay" from their EP is a great example of this. They add just the right amount of those spices in the soup without burning your tongue.



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