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Coheed and Cambria Announces S.S. Neverender!


Coheed and Cambria have just announced the most immersive experience with the band with the S.S. Neverender, a cruise ship tour from Miami to the Bahamas.

Embark with Coheed and Cambria, on the S.S. Neverender for an incredibly immersive, unique and intimate journey that is unlike anything that they have ever attempted! The band will be setting sail October 26-30, 2020 out of Miami to Nassau, Bahamas on the Norwegian Pearl. You can sign up now and join your fellow Children of the Fence and begin this Amory Adventure.

The cruise offers a fantastic four-day voyage featuring never-before and never-again performances (playing surprising songs from the Early Years and Deep Cuts), as well as interactive The Amory Wars experiences, Coheed motif and cosplay, games and activities with band members, live Q&A sessions, and multiple performances from a curated lineup including Taking Back Sunday, The Dear Hunter, Polyphia, and many more.

You can join the pre-sales for the cruise right here:

Check out more details on the cruise below!

coheed ss neverender



You can check out info on S.S. NEVERENDER in the links below:



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