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The Color Fred Announces New Album A YEAR AND CHANGE!


If you're unfamiliar with The Color Fred they're an indie rock/pop-punk band headed by former Taking Back Sunday guitarist/vocalist Fred Mascherino, and in 2007 dropped their first full-length album "Bend to Break."

Fast forward to 2021 and the band is still very much active having just released their newest single "Creatures“, lifted from their upcoming album A Year and Change which is due out on April 01, 2022.

“I always liked titles that can mean more than one thing because it can mean something different to you than it does to me and we still connect with it,” describes vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Fred Mascherino. “Anytime I’m talking about something I did in the past three years, I have no idea whether it was a few months ago or at the end of 2019. It has all become the same and I felt like I needed to address this strange time in some way.”

The album is composed of a dozen songs as well as two bonus tracks that were written and recorded during the infectious pandemic with one song being released per month. “The hardest part of making one song a month is that we premiered each song as we went so we felt like each song had to be worthy of being a single,” explains Mascherino. “People were following our progress and we didn’t want to lose them along the way.”

A Year and Change is fueled by Masherino’s indie rock DNA. The opening track “Don’t Give Up On Me” has an unforgettable guitar riff that’s probably the best we’ve ever heard from him and harkens back to his Breaking Pangaea days. The ripper “Save Yourself” is the most aggressive song that he has released since his stint in Taking Back Sunday. “Never Wanted” is an anthem for the working-class and has enough pop to be a Third Eye Blind song but retains a certain heaviness throughout.

You can check out The Color Fred’s latest single ”Creatures" as well as more info on The Color Fred below!



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