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American Idiot turns 15 years old

american idiot
green day

Where has all the time gone? It's hard to believe that Green Day's seventh studio album American Idiot turns 15 years old today. The album solidified the band's second-coming as well as catapulted the punk rock phenomenon in the early 2000's bringing the genre to the mainstream with the album itself charting in 27 countries, peaking at number one in 19 of them, and eventually selling 16 million copies worldwide.

Even though American Idiot itself was a concept album even being dubbed as a "punk rock opera", who would've thought that the record would eventually find itself on broadway just a few short years later in December of 2009, with the musical itself not straying far from the original concept, even sparking a documentary called "Broadway Idiot".

American Idiot has always been one of the most well-rounded albums of all time. I've never met anyone who doesn't know all of the words to at least one song from the album be it by repetitious airplay or being a fan of the band. It's an album that's timeless, doesn't feel dated and even to this day still feels totally relevant with the world's current political issues coupled with the rebellion, compassion and angst that's always there in deep down inside of any person awaiting to erupt. Anyone of any age, culture or own musical prowess can simply enjoy at least one song from the album without getting caught up in the "what is punk and what isn't" debate because the songs are just that good. Compared to the band's previous albums including their 1994 breakthrough album Dookie, the album is easily the best reviewed album of the band's career even to this day.

If you haven't heard American Idiot, it's about time that you did, it's been 15 years, what are you waiting for. You can check out the album in its entirety right here:


You can check out info on GREEN DAY in the links below:



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