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blink-182 "Darkside" SINGLE REVIEW

blink 182 9

blink-182 recently released DARKSIDE, their 4th single and 2nd music video from their upcoming studio album officially titled "NINE" which is set to be released on September 20th via Columbia Records.

Bassist, Mark Hoppus took to Reddit to explain the meaning behind the album's title after a several year hiatus from the platform explaining: 'NINE'. this is our ninth album, as decided by me and travis. some count 'Buddha', some not. some count 'The Mark, Tom and Travis Show'. some count 'Greatest Hits'. some count 'Dogs Eating Dogs'. i’m counting 'Buddha', 'Cheshire Cat', 'Dude Ranch', 'Enema Of The State', 'TOYPAJ', 'Untitled', 'Neighborhoods', 'California', and now 'NINE'. nine is also the number of universal love. and the number of uranus. remember to like and smash that subscribe button, or whatever it is the kids say now."

As for the newest single DARKSIDE, the tune feels like the perfect bridge between the band's last album CALIFORNIA and the nostalgic presence that the band seems like their going for with this upcoming record NINE. With a name like DARKSIDE you expect the song to be well, dark, but instead you get this poppy, upbeat sound that's cascades over subliminal melancholy. The verses are real stripped down and to the point with an electronic/pop-rock edge with the flange sound on Matt/Mark's voices and the electronic drums over simple chords. The choruses are big, loud and happier, a total contrast to the verses, the sweet and salty mixture makes up a perfect combination. The video itself is strange, it has nothing to do with the song but a lot of videos don't have anything to do with the music. I just feel like I want to wear a red polo to Target and bust out Fortnite dances in the isles, other than that, solid video, solid song.

blink-182 is currently on the last leg of their North American tour with Lil' Wayne and Neck Deep in celebration for the band's 20th anniversary of their breakthrough album Enema Of The State where the band has played the entire album front to back on the tour. Pre-order NINE HERE!

You can check out tour dates, track listing, and newest single DARKSIDE in the links below. Pre-order info. on blink-182's upcoming album NINE in info below!


Track listing:

  1. The First Time (02:26)

  2. Happy Days (02:59)

  3. Heaven (03:17)