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GO RADIO Announces Return!


Tallahassee FL rock quartet GO RADIO just announced their return after a 6 year absence from the limelight. In August of 2013 the band played their final show in Houston, Texas and haven't put out any new material since then despite lead singer/frontman Jason Lancaster dropping some solo material here and there, the band has been quiet.

The band took to social media earlier yesterday with the announcement in a Facebook post stating: "It’s been six years. In August of 2013 we played our final show in Houston, Texas. The four of us wouldn’t all be in the same place again until July of this year. Six years is a long time. We each had a long way to go to get to this point, but time has a way of putting things into perspective. For each of us, Go Radio continues to be among our biggest sources of pride. Since 2007, we have loved our Go Radio family, the music we have made, and – whether we acknowledged it or not – each other. It is with great pleasure that we announce we’ve decided to make music again. After considerable conversation and diligent discussion, we started sharing ideas and working on songs. We are thrilled that our passion never subsided. We want to thank our Go Radio family for the never-ending support, never leaving our side and never letting our music leave yours. Here’s to the future. GO RADIO."

With the band's announcement of a return it is only assumable that new music and tour will follow. For now, we can only wait in anticipation until future announcements. Stay tuned, and until then here's some old Go Radio tunes to bide your time.


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