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GO RADIO Drops New Single "SO LOVE"!


Tallahassee FL rock quartet GO RADIO announced their triumphant return after a 6 year absence from the limelight back in October of 2019.

In August of 2013 the band played their final show in Houston, Texas and haven't put out any new material since then, despite lead singer/frontman Jason Lancaster dropping some solo material.

The band took to social media back in February to announce they'd be heading back to the studio to write and record new material, announcing at the start of July that their first single "So Love" would be released on 7/24.

Jam packed with purity and emotion Go Radio's "So Love" is a nearly 4 minute love ballad giving advice to the listener to love one another and life with powerful lyrics like "This is life and we don't make it out alive so love." It's the perfect song to listen to when you're feeling up or down, and best with headphones to get the most from the overall ambience of the song.

Go Radio's new music is like reconnecting with a long-lost friend. You pick up right where you left off years prior and there's no tension or discovery involved, that's exactly what it feels like when listening to So Love. The band never missed a beat and has all of the same amazing sound, harmony and emotion that you always expect from Go Radio. As a fan myself, I'm so impressed with So Love, going back and listening to previous songs from 2012's Close The Distance and 2010's Do Overs and Second Chances and comparing the old with the new and I can't wait for what the band does next.

Check out Go Radio's SO LOVE below!




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