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The Silver Screen (Top 10 movies & docs that got me into punk rock)

Movies with punk soundtracks go hand in hand. Also believe or not kids there was a time before Al Gore invented the internet (ya he actually claimed that. LINK)

So east and west coast didn't meet all that well and all I had to go on were movies and documentaries to figure out what this demon inside me was that needed so bad to get out. It just so happened that it was a thing called punk rock...and indigestion...


1.) SLC Punk

Love this movie. Fiction movie of a punk kid told in 3rd person in the Salt Lake City (The SLC) in the Reagan Era of the U.S. by protagonist Steve-O and friend Bob.


2.) American Hardcore

Giving you a first person, fucked up, gnarly perspective of the 80's and 90's hardcore scene, this documentary follows bands like Bad Brains, The Exploited, Henry Rollins, & the legendary Black Flag. It talks about their crazy stories, from rises to "fame" to junkie house parties, definitely worth a watch for any of you fucks on the fence on the pop and punk rock side.


3.) Sonic Highways

If you don't like Dave Grohl, than Fuck You. Have your differences with Nirvana and The Foo Fighters, but the members of the Foo Fighers are awesome. Sonic Highways documents the guys of Foo Fighters as they make their way across the United States as they track a song for their"Sonic Highways" in a major city. It's awesome to see, seeing as artists typically record an entire record at ONE studio, and the Foo Fighters recorded ONE song at each of their 8-10 track listing stops along the way.


4.) CKY 3

People love the first one, people love 2K, people love Jackass, people might say "this isn't punk rock" well suck my dick, and fuck you, this is the first one I found, and fell in love with. This is the first one I found in my youth and got me into skating, and the alternative scene, got me into doing stupid shit, got me into the darker side of punk rock.


5.) Haggard

Another Margera Movie. This time slightly "fiction." This one is loosely based around the life of the late great Ryan Dunn, and his awful real life relationship with "then girlfriend" Glauren. It's a total must see for any Jackass or CKY fan. Tony Hawk is in it, and a ton of cameos from skating's best.


6.) Urethra Chronicles TWO

I love The first blink-182 documentary, "Urethra Chronicles ONE" but the second one, absolutely KILLS IT. It has everything; the maturity, the band's essance, and all of the band's hit songs. I HIGHLY suggest this to any blink-182 fan.


7.) Grind

Another fictional movie. This movie follows 4 skater friends in their mission to get signed/endorsed by this big shot skater "Jimmy." the cameos are out of control in this movie. from Bam &Bob Burnquist to Tom Green & Wee Man THEY JUST KEEP COMING, just take my cock suck fuck word and watch the mother fuck will ya!?


8.) NOFX Backstage Passport

NOFX has always been the band that did their own thing, from start their own record label, or start their own tours. This documentary is all about their own tour in the craziest places on Earth that they never dreamed to tour. This DVD by the way is only the FIRST in what hopes to be many. There is a second that was released in 2015. From snorting crazy green drugs in Singapore to getting drunk and breaking guitars over each other heads, the world is their stage. Watch their antics on this DVD, I HIGHLY recommend it, if you're a punk rock or NOFX fan.


9.) Riding In Vans With Boys

This documentary follows the band of Kut U Up on the 2001 "Pop Disaster Tour" featuring blink-182, Jimmy Eat World, Green Day & Saves The Day. Kut U Up was an experiment of Tom Delonge and Mark Hoppus of blink-182 to see how a little known band would react under the stress of tour. It was awesome to see. Tons of gallons of alcohol, so little time. Seeing their antics, seeing what they were told "not to do" and what they actually did, was simply great. Their star-struckness, made me think about what I'd do in my situation. It was beautiful. Watch it, stream it, do what you have to.


10.) One-Nine-Nine-Four

This documentary was written by Jai Al-Attas quoted as "exploring the birth, growth and eventual tipping point of punk rock during the 90s" and produced by the independent Australian company Robot Academy Films. The doc was narrated by legendary skater Tony Hawk, and explores the explosion of the contemporary punk rock from the early 90's after the destruction of Grunge music to it's pop-punk roots in the early 2000's featuring testimony from members of Unwritten Law, Pennywise, NOFX, Rancid, blink-182, Green Day, The Offspring Bad Religion & MORE.

I waited for this documentary for almost 5 years after it's rumors and reboots, shut downs, and problems with copyrights. If you don't watch any of the others please watch this one!

  • Did any of these documentaries and movies influence you guys?

  • Are you guys going to watch any of these movies?

  • Have you guys watched any of these?

  • Let me know in the comments!


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