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MxPx Covers San Dimas Highschool Football Rules by The Ataris SINGLE REVIEW

unwritten law

Bremerton, WA punk rock, sorry "punk rawk" band MxPx has been going strong over 25 years still dishing out records, the latest of which their self-titled album in 2018 which marks their 10 studio record. MxPx is still true to their DIY punk rock roots turning to crowdfunding platform Kickstarter for their last record which received overwhelming support.

The band isn't falling short anytime early at the dawn of 2019 dishing out a brand new cover song: "San Dimas High School Football Rules" originally by their good friends The Ataris. MxPx and The Ataris have a long history together of touring and playing shows, most recently their tour back in 2016.

MxPx isn't new to cover tunes, with not only one but 2 cover albums (On The Cover I & II) under their belt, not to mention 10 studio albums, nearly a dozen EPs, and a Christmas album on top of their one-off singles that haven't made it to record.

The cover tune is a super fast, straight forward punk tune where everything is in the right place and plays as a not only an homage to The Ataris but as a gift to Holli Herrera, Mike Herrera of MxPx's wife stating at the beginning of the music video: "After 17 years of marriage, I've learned that this is my wife's favorite song, so we had a little bit of fun." You can check out the music videos for BOTH The Ataris and MxPx versions of the tune below, as well as a link to the tune on Spotify RIGHT HERE.


The Ataris - San Dimas High School Football Rules


MXPX - San Dimas High School Football Rules


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