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blink-182 set to release NINE ENCORES EP Today!

blink 182 9

While blink-182's forthcoming 9th studio album NINE is set to come out TOMORROW the band have decided to release an EP today entitled NINE ENCORES.

The EP is a collection of NINE of blink's most successful songs from the band's entire discography, including Buddha to California. The EP sees its day view on Spotify as a digital-only release.

Spotify has teamed up with blink-182 to stream their LIVE ENCORE SET in NYC on tonight on 9/19 starting at 8pm EST with the band set to play their most popular Spotify streamed songs.

You can check out the Facebook viewing party for NINE ENCORE here:

For each song, its popularity can be ranked/categorized by its performance on the Billboard 100 or other types of critical/commercial success accreditation.

  • Carousel”, originally released on Buddha has been a staple of the band’s live performances since its inception.

  • M+M’s”, the lead single from Cheshire Cat, has also been a staple of the band’s discography but with no critical or commercial success.

  • Dammit” was the second single from 1997’s Dude Ranch. It’s the first blink-182 song that received heavy radio play and peaked at number 11 on Billboard’s Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart, spending 28 weeks on it.

  • All The Small Things” was the second single from Enema of the State and is arguably blink-182’s most recognizable song. It peaked at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and stayed on the charts for 23 weeks.

  • First Date” was the second single from the band’s 2001 Take Off Your Pants and Jacket. It peaked at number six on Billboard’s Modern Rock Tracks chart. However, the lead single off the same album (“The Rock Show”) performed better, claiming the #71 spot on the Hot 100.

  • I Miss You”, a slow, acoustic track and the second single from the band’s self-titled album peaked at #42 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

  • After Midnight” was the second single off of their comeback 2011 album Neighborhoods peaked at #88 on the charts.

  • Bored to Death” was the lead single off their album California and peaked at #85 on the Hot 100 and stayed two weeks on the charts.

blink-182 recently finished up their last leg of their North American tour with Lil' Wayne and Neck Deep in celebration for the band's 20th anniversary of their breakthrough album Enema Of The State where the band has played the entire album front to back on the tour. You can order NINE HERE!

You can check out track listing, and newest single DARKSIDE in the links below. Album link on blink-182's album NINE in info below!

Track listing:

  1. The First Time (02:26)

  2. Happy Days (02:59)

  3. Heaven (03:17)

  4. Darkside (03:00)

  5. Blame It On My Youth (03:05)

  6. Generational Divide (00:49)

  7. Run Away (02:27)

  8. Black Rain (02:46)

  9. I Really Wish I Hated You (03:11)

  10. Pin the Grenade (02:59)

  11. No Heart To Speak Of (03:40)

  12. Ransom (01:25)

  13. On Some Emo S**t (03:09)

  14. Hungover You (02:58)

  15. Remember To Forget Me (03:29)




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