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"The Last Scene" Documentary Hits Kickstarter Goal With Days To Go!

the last scene

The Kickstarter campaign for the still-in-production documentary film "The Last Scene" has surpassed its goal of $10,000, with 6 days left to go.

Director Kyle Kilday says, "Thanks to all who contributed so far to help make this film a reality. Clearly there are others out there like me, that want to see a film that documents the lasting movement these artists created. While we reached our goal, we've still got 6 days left to try and raise additional funds. The more money we raise, the better documentary we can make and then sooner we can get it out into the world." He adds, "Thanks to all of the media outlets, blogs, podcasters and more that have continued to support this project and to all of those who have sat down for interviews so far. I'm excited for what's to come."

"The Last Scene" examines the musical and cultural roots of the various underground DIY music scenes that popped up around the country at the start of the new Millennium focusing on the the pop-punk and punk rock explosion that happened in the early 2000's.

The film aims to be the FIRST comprehensive chronicle of what many believe is the LAST underground, DIY music scene. One forged in VFW halls and community recreation centers across the United States in the Late 1990's/Early 2000's. It's the story of the hardcore, punk and emo kids who gave us the last new thing in rock music, during an era of change for the music industry and youth culture at large. The film will feature interviews and perspectives from many of the key figures of the scene, including:

Travis Shettel (Piebald)

Vinnie Caruana (The Movielife/I Am The Avalanche)

Peter Munters (Over It/Runner Runner)

Shane Told (Silverstein/Lead Singer Syndrome Podcast)

Mark Rose (Spitalfield/Mark Rose/

Fred Mascherino (Taking Back Sunday/The Color Fred)

Chris Conley (Saves The Day)

Amy Fleisher Madden (Fiddler Records)

Ben Jorgensen (Armor For Sleep)

John Tran (Home Grown)

Chris No. 2 (Anti-Flag)

JT Woodruff (Hawthorne Heights)

Geoff Rickly (Thursday)

and many more to be announced soon.

To view the trailer for "The Last Scene" and back the Kickstarter campaign, please visit:


You can check out info on THE LAST SCENE in the links below:



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