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Weaving Spiders Come Not Here - REVIEW

weaving spiders not come here
stick to your guns

I have a confession to make, I am not much of a reader. It sounds contradictory considering the primary objective of this platform is to write to you, however I don't seek after books or any real reading material all that often.

However, every once in a while something grabs my attention that is just too good to ignore which is what happened when fellow punk rock dad, and Metropolis, IL native Eric D. Beggs, of the punk band The Eunuchs announced his collection of self-described "Punk Rock Poetry" to be announced in an upcoming book entitled: "Weaving Spiders Come Not Here: True Tales of Debauchery & Self-Loathing". (artwork by Katherine Hope Leathers.)

With a title alone taken from the legendary Bohemian Club slogan and comprised of twenty-two compositions that are separated into four parts, the punk rock author dove deep into method writing with each poem being about a different substance he took during the writing process. The level of dedication it takes to commit to such a feat is truly art in itself, nevertheless repeated twenty-two times.

I.) Pharmaceuticals

II.) Stimulants

III.) Hallucinogenics

IV.) Alcohol

Katherine Hope Leathers

Each sonnet makes you wonder what state of mind the young artist was under with some being more obvious than others with titles like "Hydrocodone" with an opening verse:

"A thousand words are hidden behind prescription."

To more cryptic titles like "The Mask of Insanity" that feel more like a Dante's Inferno descent to hell than being under the influence of a substance with such lines as:

"You have found God,

and she died long ago inside you.

The truth is a deviant,

but the deviant shall set you free"

But I suppose, for some, being under the control of a substance can be as maddening as a descent into hell itself. Eric's words are a punk rock manifesto to anyone who has ever found themselves slipping off the rails only to re-gain self-awareness out of their chaotic, self-medicating experience.

My takeaway from Weaving Spiders Come Not Here is a sucker punch of a message that: "you're not alone, we all go through this." as I found myself at times knowing exactly what Eric was going through by having gone through the same substances and similar situations in my own life knowing exactly how it is to lose my mind on the other side of oblivion. Any and every punk rocker, young and old, straight edge or not needs to check out Weaving Spiders Come Not Here.

Stay connected for the future release of: "Weaving Spiders Come Not Here: True Tales of Debauchery & Self-Loathing" by Eric D. Beggs with artwork by Katherine Hope Leathers on The Pop Punk Dad official site and social media channels.



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